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Expanding Your Business' Voice

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Social media is an excellent avenue to share your business brand and connect with potential clients. Not all social media's are relevant to every business. When we take on new clients at Rhema, sometimes we discourage certain social medias if they do not make sense for the business. The traditional companies are facebook, YouTube, twitter, and instagram. While Tiktok is growing in popularity, we wanted to take this blog to go over the three platforms we highly recommend expanding your business into that are making huge headway with many Americans.

Many people have been removed from the traditional companies in 2020-2021. There is many people that are unreachable if it is your companies only method of reaching out. Consider looking up and playing with one or all of the new companies we recommend.

Here are the three new companies we recommend for your business:

Rumble. This social media is an excellent venue to share videos. If you already have a YouTube account for your business, simply share the same videos to this an alternative. We love it due to the fact that it is not highly censored like Google's YouTube. Your customers can receive notifications when new videos are shared, watch via an app, or simply from any browser. Upload times are quick and it is super smooth on the backend. YouTube, Vimeo, and TikTok have their places in society but it is always good to have a backup to reach customers that are not allowed on those channels.

Telegram. Telegram is one of our favorites new social medias. Set up to look like text messages, you can share content to your hearts desire. We like it due to its simplicity and ability to save content from other users. This is a great replacement or alternative to facebook, twitter, and instagram. Telegram can be viewed via an app or any browser. Phone calls and video sessions can be instigated from their platform as well if your company has employees across state lines or in different countries. Businesses are starting to grow on this platform but with Telegram growing so fast this is one of the new social media's we highly recommend to put your business on.

Gab. The unique thing about gab is that they do not have an app. Their social media can be found through browsers, bypassing the Apple and Android big tech gateways. As they have grown tremendously over the past two years, they have invested in growing their back of house servers. The result is a growing force, detached from big tech. Post similarly to facebook, twitter, and instagram. Due to the fact that it is missing an app, this social media may not be for everyone but is definitely worth playing around with.

If your business already has the traditional social media presences I would highly recommend starting alternative ones to match: Rumble, Telegram, and possibly Gab. Keep the messages the same as found on the traditional social medias. Taking the small amount of time share your posts on these will expand your brand to a growing segment of society that have banned or removed from the other platforms. Gone are the days of everyone being only on the traditional media sites.

If your company needs help with social strategy or management reach out to us at, we would love to help you!

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