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Why a Re-Brand, Rhema?

I own a small business marketing firm and I haven’t been marketing it. There! I said it! It’s true, you guys. I’ve grown my business purely by word of mouth, referrals, and repeat business for the last two years. Rewind to 2020, when I started my business, Rhema Agency, from my home in southern Oregon. I had clients before I had an actual business, so I jumped in with both feet and got Rhema up and operating. However, I didn’t make the time to build a brand that is me, so I put marketing and building my business on the back burner. Fast forward two years, and I am so excited to be doing a complete overhaul and re-brand of my company. Those familiar with Rhema Agency, I would like to introduce you to Thompson Real Estate Services! Same service offerings, but with renewed focus, organization, and creative strategy.

Why did I decide to do a re-brand instead of just working with what I already had with Rhema? I mean, branding is a ton of work! I chose to do a re-brand because as my business has grown, I have grown and changed. The last two years have challenged me, both professionally and personally, in ways that I never imagined. I’m sure you can identify with that statement, as well. Branding is not just a logo and a website. Branding is about distinction, and it includes professional and personal features of your identity. It also includes design features and operations that are in response to the current needs of your potential clients and community. I wanted to enjoy the creative process to bring in all of who I am combined with all of what I can bring to my clients. In fact, my logo is a nod to my history with our family brand for my great grandmothers’ ranch, T Lazy H. It’s an honor to use that brand for my business. You see, when you build your business, people are coming to you for your services and your personality. Each client is an opportunity to affect someone else’ life for the better; to come together to build families and communities. I wanted my branding to match the hope and focus I feel in my heart for real estate and small business here in America.

Now it’s time to bring those new strengths, strategies, and creative solutions to my brand and to my clients. It’s time to renew the excitement I have for small business and real estate. It’s time to meet you and make a difference in your business. Let’s go!


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