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Start Dreaming Again

Do you consider yourself a dreamer? Find yourself captivated by the what-if's or what about this scenario? In a twenty four seven information at your fingertips world it can be hard to silence out the "clutter" with clear, concise, and achievable dreaming.

Getting your dreams crashed is easy, but getting back up once you fall takes repeated effort. It is not easy. Do not lose hope, it is well worth the stumbles. In this blog we wanted to share three easy areas in which to fortify yourself to help cultivate an atmosphere of dreaming.

  • Mentors. Do you have a couple of mentors that are speaking into your life? It is easy to connect over a cup of coffee every month. Involve them in your life and let the relationship deepen naturally. This outside wisdom will give a depth to your life that will help your creative juices flow. Try to find those that are where you want to end up in one area of life. Learning the ways that they have achieved their success in that particular area will rub off on you.

  • Journal. I have a hard time at committing to journaling every day, however this is a great way to let your creative juices flow. One time I found myself challenged by a mentor to spend five minutes and do a simple activity: journal freely with your non-dominant hand. This simple activity is hard but it jump starts your creativity exponentially. Committing to writing in your journal at least every other day is a great entry goal to set. You can increase how many times or days you journal after you build some consistency. Writing is a great way to process and "talk" through your thoughts with yourself.

  • Competitors. In my various roles at different companies over the years this is a great area to get my dreams flowing again. Take all the competitors that made up the field in a certain area of research. Start reading the "About Us" sections on their website. View their social media offerings. Dissect their products. Do not let any stone untouched. Subscribe to a few newsletters if you feel up to it. You should be able to get a good feel on a particular subject. Taking this time to immerse yourself in with you competition will get your brainwaves moving. If you notice an avenue that isn't approached or even an over saturation of a particular is clear, use the opportunity to start writing down what you would change or add. It is a great exercise to get some traction. Go ahead, create a bullet list. You can fill it in later as you dive in deeper. This systematic approach to business dreaming has never let me down. At first I was worried that I would be copying my competitors but this wound up not being the case. It spurred a creative vein.

These three methods to help get you dreaming again - whether for business or personal.

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