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Simpli Well Holistic Directory | Mission Viejo, CA

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Simpli Well is an online directory for holistic and alternative medicine practitioners. Created by a holistic practitioner who is passionate about providing a way for wellness seekers to connect with care providers who treat the WHOLE person, Simpli Well is a great resource for those seeking healthcare outside of traditional western system.

Rhema Agency is working with the CEO of Simpli Well and the web development team at Liberation Tek to bring this brand to life! The client came to us with brand colors and logos completed and a website in the works, but was wanting to discuss marketing strategy and implementation for before and after the platform roll-out. As with any new client or project, we started with research to familiarize ourselves with the market sector, competitors, possible product enhancements and general social media accounts for holistic brands. From there we built a custom digital marketing plan that was presented to the client. Our marketing plan included: marketing pillars, mainstream and alternative platforms to use, campaign goals and progression, and our metrics for measuring success.

Simpli Well will be going live on social media platforms on September 13th, 2023! We utilize an online client portal allowing the CEO to collaborate and provide content approval in a streamlined and convenient way. We are so excited to be working with Simpli Well as Rhema Agency is on board with getting away from allopathic medicine and looking for natural solutions to wellness.

Thank you, Simpli Well! We are excited to be a part of your team!

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