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Resist the Mainstream (also known as RTM) is an alternative news source with international roots. The owner came to Rhema Agency for a one-year marketing project to grow their social media with a focus primarily on Truth Social, Telegram, and Twitter for ad spend.

We were able to grow through influencers, strategic brand strategy decisions, and securing key affiliate deals to an overall audience gain of 3.1 million followers across all platforms. Rhema Agency was also key in growing their newsletter subscribers with coordinating key email list acquisitions from well known influencers in the industry. We were able to grow their email subscribers by over 77k in the one year period. This client is leaving in a very solid position with their social media and newsletter supporters. We look forward to continue serving them with one-off projects in the future.

**Rhema Agency is no longer providing services for RTM as of July 2023.

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