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Rauchstone | Merced, CA

Website Design | Business-to-Consumer Brand

Rauchstone is an artistic pottery boutique located in Merced, California. They offer beautiful, handmade pottery for indoor and outdoor plants, as well as rock planters, geode pots and soy candles.

Rhema Agency worked with Rauchstone to transition the brand away from their GoDaddy site to a site that offers improved UX (user experience), collection and product display, streamlined checkout process, improved design features, marketing tools and resources and ease of use for the team.

Rauchstone is now not only an e-commerce brand but they have opened their storefront located at 1723 "N" Street in Merced. They continue to grow and expand their business and are part of the vibrant downtown Merced business community. Go check them out or visit their online store at

This project was especially fun for me (Katie) because I attended elementary school and high school with one of the owners of Rauchstone. It is always an honor and a privilege to assist friends with their business venture. Well done, Jay and Melissa!

Work Completed: Initial website design including collection setup, product setup, search tags, backend SEO and client training.

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