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865 Fencing Inc | Knoxville, TN

Website Design | Maintenance

865 Fencing is a family-owned fencing company. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, 865 Fencing Inc. is Knoxville's trusted fencing and railing contractor. Providing a variety of options from classic to cutting-edge, they have custom solutions for your fence, gate, or handrail project. They provide residential and commercial clients with a high-quality fencing product and professional service at an affordable price.

The owner of 865 Fencing came to Rhema Agency to discuss web design and SEO services for their growing company. We were able to work within their budget to provide a high quality website to push traffic to from their social media and Google channels. The addition of contact forms and backend CRM have allowed a seamless and streamlined lead followup process for the team.

Much like our website project with Precision Metal Worx, we came into this knowing we needed to start with extensive industry research to gleen as much information as we could about products and services typically offered by fencing contractors. There are a ton of customizations for fences out there, and 865 Fencing is experienced with crafting them all so we had our work cut out for us. Updating and expanding on their content is ongoing as they are able to engage with our design team but they have a completed website and continue to grow their business. Well done, guys!

Check out their website here:

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