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Don't Forget These Things With a Start Up

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Starting a new business can be a whirlwind of tasks and excitement. Quite frankly, it can be a bit overwhelming! In all the excitement and "stuff to do" don't forget these three important pieces: 1) Take Time to Organize. Whether you love handwritten lists or prefer to keep yourself organized through software and/or apps, making sure you have a clear path to opening your business is imperative! Over the years I have learned to not just create a task list, but to categorize tasks according to their operational segment. For our clients we have a custom template built out in our project management software that categorizes and tracks tasks according to: Accounting/Finance Marketing and Branding Systems & Procedures Legal When you are in the thick of excitement with deciding to start your business it can seem monotonous to spend the time to organize, but this contributes to starting on a firm foundation. 2) Retain Legal Counsel. I can't "preach" on this enough. Having an Attorney you trust on your side is one of the best investments you can make. Does your business utilize contracts? Do you have a website? Are you dealing with the public? Having legal counsel can help you navigate the waters of our ever-changing business climate!

If you are going the route of retaining a Business Attorney, make sure to spend some time researching and asking questions of the Attorney. Get to know him/her. Ask trusted friends and colleagues. Make sure it is a good fit. Legal Shield is a great option for start-ups, as well as established businesses. The great thing about Legal Shield is that you pay a monthly fee and are allotted certain services on a monthly/yearly basis. They will review contracts and documents, provide counsel, write letters/documents, and are available for trial defense should you so choose. With plans starting at $39/month the investment is minimal for quite a bit of security. 3) Start Building Relationships. Relationships are the key to business. You don't have to wait until every jot and title is complete with your business before you start networking and getting the word out about who you are. With that being said, make sure you have a CRM that works for you! Richard Branson says "a big business starts small." While it may seem like all these tasks add up to a lot of busy work, they ultimately lead to possibility, passion, and purpose! Go for it!

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