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Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

Consistent marketing is key to building your company's brand. It helps with instilling consumer confidence and brand positioning. While the everyday social posting or monthly newsletters are what come to mind firsthand when we talk about consistent marketing, strategic marketing campaigns (SMC) are an important component worth exploring. In this blog we'll be tackling what exactly these strategic marketing campaigns and how to use them effectively for your business.

Strategic marketing campaigns or SMC are short seasonal messaging that may vary for different industries. For instance, with a coffee shop a SMC would be the Christmas or Thanksgiving branding built around particular beverages or limited time offerings. A CPA is another great example in which during the build up to tax season will notice an influx in business and needs to have marketing set up effectively for it. Insurance agents, after the new year or close to the renewal date for coverage could use an effective SMC to communicate their company's offerings.

Over the course of several years working in the beverage industry myself, I became quite familiar with the value of SMC's. At autumn, we would focus on pumpkin flavors then would segway to the next SMC for Thanksgiving or Christmas specials. Then it would go to the next campaign for healthy New Year messaging followed by decadent Valentine's Day at once afterwards. As you can tell it wound up being a lot of big puzzle pieces that worked under a branding plan. Each campaign provided insight on what did or did not work for their customers. After implementing a few SMC's the brand was able to start learning from its insights and shift course or refine its messaging.

The key is always to be one to two seasons ahead of the when the SMC will be launched to make sure its accuracy in messaging and that the entire company is trained and ready for launch and execution. For example, it is currently the week after Halloween when I am writing this post. My company would need to be looking at the New Years or even the Valentine's Day strategic marketing campaigns based off this time frame.

If your business is facing a tight budget for marketing starting with the most important "season" for your business is a great way to start. Work with an agency to develop a plan and start working on preparing for it. As your business introduces these campaigns it will become like a snowball. The marketing will continue to gather speed and grow its outreach over time. As the return on investment for your business during this highlighted time will produce results, it will inspire you to invest in the smaller or "less important" time frames. It is all about growing your business and this strategy mindset will pay off - have faith!

I've attached advertisements from marketing campaigns created for Pines Coffee to this post. You can tell the difference between each SMC but also notice the branding theme tying the together.

If you need some help to get a campaign created for your business please do reach out to us at Rhema Agency! We'd love to help bring value to your strategic messaging.

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