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Giving Tuesday Clark County WA

Giving Tuesday is here again! Clark County Washington has a number of non-profits that are worth of an investment, whether its with monetary donations or time. Here are just a few of my favorite.

Flash Love Flash Love is a Vancouver-based non-profit lead by Andrey Ivanov and Paul Girard. What started 6 years ago as a mission to train-up and pour-into local youth boys has expanded into even greater goals in our community. As the times have changed, Flash Love has remained steadfast and focused on its goals. Here is a snippet from their biography: “The failure to uplift our youth is the same as consenting to the fall of our country. Flash Love started 6 years ago with the purpose of putting youth on a mission. We could see the pain rising as destruction and chaos were breaking out across the country. Senseless violence was occurring at the hands of our youth. While the country turned their backs on a clear cry for help, condemning the youth to a general and awful label, we asked a different question. ‘What would our world look like if instead of condemning their bad behavior, we poured love into them and set their hearts on a mission much greater than themselves?’ “ You can reach Flash Love by email at Check them out!

Life Options Network Life Options Network is local non-profit headed up by a fellow real estate agent, Jenny Hoffman with Prune Hill Realty. It has been so cool to see Jenny grow this organization in just a few short years, allowing her to open a storefront in Vancouver that offers free resources for single and/or struggling parents. Here is a bit about their mission: “We want every woman to know she is powerful in the event of an unexpected pregnancy, that there are resources at her fingertips and there is never shame in reaching out for help. Here in the U.S., there has been a culture of shame around asking for help. Whether you are married with three kids and struggling to pay the bills or you are a single parent who doesn’t know where your family’s next meal will come from, we want to be a resource you can count on.” From child care assistance, food assistance and housing resources to addiction and legal resources, Life Options Network is a life-line for those struggling in our community. I love this organization because they pour love and actual practical help into those who really need it. You can reach Life Options Network at: 360-524-2480 Evergreen Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity has a big goal in mind! They are working toward a world where everyone has a decent place to live. That sounds like a lofty goal, especially now, but I think those GIANT goals are some of the best because they require faith, love and hard work. This organization builds new homes or rehabilitates existing structures to provide safe, clean, and cozy housing for those in our community who would not otherwise be able to purchase a home. Utilizing volunteer labor and tax-deductible donations of finances and materials, Evergreen Habitat for Humanity works directly with the family to build their home. That is one of my favorite things about EHFH; the collaboration with the receiving family to actually build their new home. There is something so special about coming together to accomplish such an awesome project.

If you would like to volunteer or just learn about Evergreen Habitat for Humanity you can reach them at: or (360) 737-1759. These are just a few of the amazing opportunities we have to give back to our Clark County, Washington community! Giving Tuesday is an annual reminder that every little bit helps and our giving is powerful. Each day we have a huge opportunity to make a positive impact on those around us.

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