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Freeing Your Devices from Big Tech

If you are using a Microsoft Windows computer, your entire digital identity and life depends on an operating system that was designed under the complete control of this man: Bill Gates. Or maybe you are using Android (designed by Google), or MacOS/iOS (Apple). GET OUT NOW.

There is a better way to protect yourself from the "big tech" overlords......learn to teach yourself about free opensource software and the Linux operating system. Linux has been around for a long time, learning how to use it is a powerful way to take back your digital freedom. Jeffrey Peterson has been leading the charge via Telegram in educating the populace on all things Linux (follow him @Jeffrey_Peterson). His approach is very detailed, focusing on educating anyone that wants to make the switch.

This short post will share three reasons that you and your business' devices can be more secure from this fascist control. Three main reasons to GET OUT NOW from big tech operating systems:

1. Surveillance. All data on your device is captured. This information is sold and/or used against you for "marketing purposes". Google's entire business model is built around surveillance. As more and more users become awake to Google's dark practices... search results, applications, and the like will be manipulated to fit their narrative. The importance to break free from this surveillant and manipulated business model will enable you to make educated decisions on whatever may come your way, free from undue influence. Sure, it was wonderful when you were searching for a new shop in your area that you may like to try, but simply it is no longer worth the manipulation.

Now you may not agree that this monopolistic approach to collecting "marketing data" is necessarily bad, this post is geared towards those that are awake. Our hope is that when you do reach that point where you are censored for an idea or thought you may have, this blog comes back to mind.

2. Censorship. With the lead up to the 2020 election we saw big tech platforms hit censorship like they have never before. Anything dealing with China virus, election fraud, and leftist violence resulted in removal. Protected by Section 230 these platforms are not being held accountable just yet. Sadly a huge chunk of the population has left these traditional socialist media platforms and are unable to be reached with "traditional" marketing approaches. My favorite coffee shops only have the traditional socialist media accounts: Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Sadly since I have been removed personally on these accounts I cannot even view their posts. While Linux will help these companies and individual's fight back against the big tech companies it is only a first step, finding new social media companies that align with your American values is vital.

Opening up one alternative account is a great way to connect with others that are no longer able to be on these platforms for various reasons. Telegram has been instrumental as one of the "alternative" new social media platforms that enables voices to be heard. Rumble, Gab, and Bitchute are some of our recommended new ones as well. Telegram has quickly become a favorite and has allowed us to stay in touch with loved ones.

3. Updates. I use to look forward to the newest Apple update on my Mac or iPhone, seeing what new features I was going to get. Gone are those times. With every new update I get more and more suspicious of what they are going to do to my device. Emergency alerts do not go through to my phone, despite them being turned on. Being held to the throat by big tech was starting to affect me personally. How dare those companies decide what I can and cannot receive. Notice how if you do not do an update, eventually your device gets slower and then altogether stops working down the road as well? Switching to an opensource Linux platform is a great step to enable you updating your device as you see fit. You'll be able to customize it with a secure VPN as well as change our any applications that you see fit, when it works for you.

These are only three of many reasons why you should consider breaking free from big tech. Take time to read up on Linux. Do not be worried, it is not as big and scary as it may sound. You can actually get "skins" for this new OS that will match the theme of a PC or of an Apple device. Our team is working on getting our devices switched over one by one, with the hope to eventually offer this service to our clients as well when we feel confident with our abilities. Take some time to follow Jeffrey (link above) and do some research.

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