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Connecting with Your Sphere

Marketing your business has come a long way since the early days of modern technology started rolling out (ex: smart phones, social media, and internet). Social media consisted of MySpace and America Online (AOL) was king in the beginning. Media has continued to expand exponentially since the twenty plus years after MySpace came to the scene. The legacy social media companies now include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. New upcoming social media companies are on the rise with TikTok, Telegram, and Rumble vying for space at the table.

Smart phones as well as faster and more accessible internet has increased the realm of marketing for all businesses. No longer can you get by with just print marketing, word of mouth, or advertising in the local newspaper. While each of these methods can be important avenues for businesses, they should not be your only focus in this technological age. Consumers are everywhere and being able to recognize areas in which your business can and should market are key. The age-old phrase "stay in your lane" comes to mind in discovering, presenting, and honing your message to platforms that are key to your success.

Not all technology is created equal. Case example is a pottery business we worked with. In this example we recommended that they use Pinterest and Etsy for growth and marketing to their sphere as well to attract new consumers. Twitter for instance would not have been a smart move for them. This micro blogging social network would have been a waste or resources considering the ROI (Return On Investment). Utilizing Pinterest and Etsy for this business and not trying to use all options on the table has resulted in sustainable, duplicatable, and impressive growth for their company.

Another example from our agency to use would be a water supply company which we took on. Facebook was key to their market due to its wide reach. Establishing their website in conjunction with this social media launch gave the company two reliable and wide reaching methods to engage, attract, and grow their sphere.

These few examples show us ways in which we can utilize current social media and websites to grow businesses in the modern technology era. Print marketing, word of mouth, or advertising in the local newspaper are still important (depending upon the business) but our hope in this article is to highlight the options out there to compliment these practices. Do not let the ever changing technology sector get you downcast!

If your business has been running its own marketing in house, I encourage you to reach out to Rhema Agency. We would love the opportunity to partner with you and help manage your social media. Our ability to offer a consistent message that is amplified in the best mediums for your business is our specialty. Be filled with hope and let us allow you to do what you do best: run your business!

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